Ulmus pumila

    • BOTANICAL NAME: Ulmus pumila
    • COMMON NAME: Siberian Elm
    • FAMILY: Ulmaceae
    • NATIVITY: Asia; China and Korea; escaped
    • GROWTH HABIT:  50-70’
    • HARDINESS:  USDA Zone 4 to 9
    • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS:  Grows well in disturbed areas, along railroad tracks, in highly developed areas
    • SUCCESSIONAL STATUS: Successional
    • FACULTATIVE STATUS:  None defined
    • LANDSCAPE VALUE:  Little benefits
    • FOLIAGE:   Alternate, simple, elliptical and serrated.  acuminate.  
    • BUDS:  Almost black in color and large, globose, imbricately scaled
    • BARK:  Gray and deeply furrowed throughout
    • FRUIT:  Circular samara
    • PESTS:  Highly susceptible to diseases
University of Delaware

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