Tilia americana

    • BOTANICAL NAME: Tilia americana
    • COMMON NAME: Basswood
    • FAMILY: Tiliaceae
    • NATIVITY: Canada to Alabama to North Dakota
    • GROWTH HABIT:  60-80’ (100’)
    • HARDINESS:  Zone 3 to 8(9)
    • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS:  Prefers fertile, moist soils and part sun, often found in rich woodlands and on slopes.
    • FACULTATIVE STATUS:  Facultative Upland
    • FOLIAGE:   Alternate, simple, broad ovate with apex tip, coarsely serrated edge, changes to yellow in the fall.
    • BUDS:  Outer scale covers majority of bud; red in color often lopsided
    • BARK:  Gray-brown in color; long scaley strips; easy to carve
    • FRUIT:  Bract holds the nut-like structure “Wood paddle and ball” as a modified leaf; flowers are ID feature,
    • pendulous cymes in late June
    • PESTS:  Highly susceptible to disease; Sapsuckers; cankers, leaf blight, leaf spots, powdery mildew
University of Delaware

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