Salix alba

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Salix alba
  • COMMON NAME: White Willow
  • FAMILY: Salicaceae
  • NATIVITY: Central Europe and Asia
  • GROWTH HABIT:  75-100’
  • HARDINESS:  USDA Zone 2 to 8 (9)
  • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS:  Wet, moist areas, found along stream banks and in well-saturated soils.
  • SUCCESSIONAL STATUS:  Successional
  • FACULTATIVE STATUS:  Facultative Wetland
  • LANDSCAPE VALUE:  Grows extremely well in wet areas and can stabilize stream banks and wet soils.
  • FOLIAGE: Fine textured; Alternate, simple, on long yellow cascading branches.
  • BUDS:  Buds are small and pushed up against the stem, smooth.
  • BARK:  Peely, rigid, furrowed bark
  • FRUIT:  Silky tufts in two-valved capsules
  • PESTS:  Crown gall, leaf blight
University of Delaware

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