Quercus velutina

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Quercus velutina
  • COMMON NAME: Black Oak
  • FAMILY: Fagaceae
  • NATIVITY: New England to Texas to Illinois
  • GROWTH HABIT: 50-60’ (100’)
  • HARDINESS:  USDA Zone 3 to 9
  • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS: Grows best in dry rocky woods, good indicator of soil conditions
  • LANDSCAPE VALUE:  Grows extremely well in dry rocky slopes and woods
  • FOLIAGE: Largest leaf and small sinuses; pointed apices, oblong-ovate
  • BUDS:  ID factor in winter, extremely pubescent, pointed, angular buds, usually 5-sided
  • BARK:  Furrowed and nearly black in color; however inner bark is bright yellow or orange
  • FRUIT:  Acorn
  • PESTS:  None serious
University of Delaware

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