Ostrya virginianaOstrya virginiana

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Ostrya virginiana
  • COMMON NAME: Hop Hornbeam
  • FAMILY: Betulaceae
  • NATIVITY: Native to US.
  • GROWTH HABIT: 25 to 40' ,can be 60' tall.Small tree rounded outline, somewhat pyramidal in youth, drooping branches. Slow growing plant.
  • HARDINESS: Zone 3 - 9.
  • CULTURE: Like full sun to part shade, and prefer moist well drained, slightly acid soil.
  • LANDSCAPE USE:  Medium size tree fro lawn, park, golf course, or street.
  • FOLIAGE: Alternate, simple,2 to 5 "long. Oval-lanceolate shape, leaf margin, acuminate apex and rounded or heart shape base. Yellow fall color.
  • BUDS: Imbricate, small 1/8 to 1/4"long, narrow ovate, pointed or finely downy. Green to brown color. Scales longitudinally striate.
  • BARK: Grayish brown, Often broke into narrow longitudinal strips.
  • FLOWERS: Monoecious.Male catkins usually grouped in 3 and visible in winter. Each about 1"long. Female are visible in April.
  • FRUIT: 1/3" long nut(let), hairy, ovate.
  • PESTS:


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