Liquidambar styracifluaLiquidambar styraciflua

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Liquidambar styraciflua
  • PRONUNCIATION: li-kwid am-BAR sty-RAS-i-FLU-a
  • COMMON NAME: American Sweetgum
  • FAMILY: Hamamelidaceae
  • NATIVITY: Mid-south range, most common in low rich woodlands.
  • GROWTH HABIT: 60 to 75' (100')
  • HARDINESS: Zone 5 - 9.
  • CULTURE: Full sun and moist, low, rich woodlands.
  • SUCCESSIONAL STATUS:  Successional, Seral
  • FACULTATIVE STATUS:  Facultative
  • LANDSCAPE USE: Found in lawns, parks, and streets and is coveted for its striking foliage and fall color.
  • FOLIAGE: - stem color Star shaped leaves, glossy deep green in the summer, changing to dark purple-red in the fall.
  • BUDS: Terminal, imbricate.  Reddish green-brown and sometimes fragrant when crushed.
  • BARK: Grayish brown, deeply furrowed into narrow, somewhat rounded ridges.  Gives the tree a spiky appearance.
  • FLOWER: Early spring, small, non showy.
  • FRUIT: Syncarp of dehiscent capsules.  “Monkey balls” in the form of spiky round balls.
  • PESTS: None Serious
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