Hovenia dulcisHovenia dulcis

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Hovenia dulcis
  • PRONUNCIATION: ho-VE-ni-a DUL-sis
  • COMMON NAME: Japanese Raisin Tree
  • FAMILY: Rhamnaceae
  • NATIVITY: China
  • GROWTH HABIT: Rounded tree, 30'-50' tall. Medium to fast growth rate.
  • HARDINESS: Zone 6-8
  • CULTURE: Adaptable plant tolerant of many soil conditions but not wet soil. Prefers full sun, well-drained soils.
  • LANDSCAPE USE: Good medium sized tree for residential landscapes.
  • FOLIAGE: Alternate, simple, broadly, ovate, 4"-6" long. Acuminate apex, cordate to rounded base and coarsely serrate margins.
  • BUDS: Small superposed buds with 2 scales.
  • BARK: Flattened ridges and shallow furrows, gray in color with orange-brown inner bark.
  • FRUIT: Drupe 1/3" diameter borne on reddish brown, fleshy branches. The fleshy branches are edible.
  • PROPAGATION: Seed requires acid scarification.
  • PESTS: None serious.


University of Delaware

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