Diospyros virginiana

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Diospyros virginiana
  • .
  • Eucommia ulmoides
  • COMMON NAME: Hardy Rubber Tree
  • FAMILY: eucommiaceae
  • NATIVITY: Central China
  • GROWTH HABIT: 40 to 60' high, rounded to broad-spreading tree, pyramidal in youth.
  • HARDINESS: USDA Zone (4)5 to 7
  • CULTURE: Full sun, very soil tolerant, resist drought, pH adaptable.
  • LANDSCAPE USE: Shade tree
  • FOLIAGE: Alternate, simple 3- 6" long, about half as wide. Elliptic or ovate to oblong-ovate, serrate margin. acuminate apex and broad cuneate or rounded base.
  • BUDS: Imbricate, sessile ovoid, chest nut brown, 1/ 4" long, terminal lacking, ending in a leaf.
  • BARK: Gray- brown. ridge and furrowed.
  • FLOWER: dioecious, staminate, clusters of brown stamens, female consisting of a single pistil.
  • FRUIT: Capsule like with compressed wings, 1 1/2"long oval-oblong, 1 seeded.
  • PESTS: None serious.

University of Delaware

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