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Acer negundo

Acer negundo

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Acer negundo
  • PRONUNCIATION: A-cer  ne-GOON-do
  • COMMON NAME:  Boxelder
  • FAMILY:  Aceraceae
  • NATIVITY:  Southern Canada and throughout the U.S.
  • GROWTH HABIT:  Rounded to broad-rounded, weedy tree to approximately 60'.  Fast growth rate.
  • HARDINESS:  Zone 2-9
  • CULTURE:  Hills, dales, anywhere!  Found in moist bottomland in native range but tolerates hot, dry, acid, alkaline, sandy and clayey soils.  Sun to part shade.
  • LANDSCAPE USE:  Good for that impossible site.  A fast growing, suckering tree that is definitely tolerant of urban conditions.  Short-lived, weedy tree.
  • FOLIAGE:  Opposite, pinnately compound with 3-5
    (9) leaflets.  Leaflets are 2"-4" long, coarsely serrate. 
    No fall color.
  • BUDS:  Green-red buds with 2 scales, 1/4" long.
  • BARK:  Green stems when young turning gray-brown.
  • FRUIT:  Samaras forming a 60o angle or less, borne in large panicles. 
    Profusely fruiting and persisting into the winter. Dioecious tree.
  • PROPAGATION:  Seed, cuttings.  Normally, how to kill it is more important.
  • PESTS:  Boxelder bugs.
    • 'Auratum' - Leaflets golden yellow.
    • 'Flamingo' - New shoots pink, age green with white border
    • 'Variegatum' - Leaflets have an irregular white margin. 
      It will revert to green or have all-white leaves if not roperly pruned.