Acer japonicum

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Acer japonicum
  • COMMON NAME: Fullmoon Maple
  • FAMILY: Aceraceae
  • NATIVITY: Japan.
  • GROWTH HABIT:20 to 30' tall.
  • HARDINESS: USDA Zones 5-7.
  • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS: Prefers well-drained moist soils. Sun
  • FOLIAGE: Opposite, simple, 3 to 6" across, roundish 7- to 11- lobed, lobes ovate to lanceolate shape, cordate base, margins sharply and irregularly toothed. Possibly yellow and crimson fall color.
  • BUDS: Valvate lustrous red color buds.
  • BARK:
  • Flower: Purplish red 1/2" diameter flower. Blooming from April, the flowers persist and present as leaves mature.
  • FRUIT: 1" long and wing s range from near horizontal to forming to obtuse angle.
  • PESTS:
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