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Acer rubrumAcer rubrum

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Acer rubrum
  • PRONUNCIATION: A-ser RU-brum
  • COMMON NAME: Red or Swamp Maple
  • FAMILY: Aceraceae
  • NATIVITY: Southeastern Canada and southern US; common in Southeastern PA.
  • GROWTH HABIT: Pyramidal in youth, developing ascending branches and an irregularly rounded crown with age; 40'-60' (100') tall. Medium to fast growth rate.
  • HARDINESS: USDA Zones 3 - 9.
  • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS: Full sun to light shade in moist, acid soil. Tolerates poor drainage and many types of soil. Very adaptable plant.
  • FACULTATIVE STATUS: Facultative wetland
  • LANDSCAPE VALUE: Excellent specimen tree. Select cultivars for best fall color.
    Easily transplanted and adaptable to variations in soil moisture.
  • FOLIAGE: Opposite, simple 2"-4" long; 3-5 lobes, lobes are irregularly toothed.
    New growth and petiole reddish. Leaves are often a lighter color on lower surface than top. Fall color variable.
  • BUDS: Small, red, clustered; 1/16" - 1/8" long. Flower buds and subsequent flowers are quite attractive.
  • BARK: Silver-gray, smooth in youth. No fetid odor when crushed. (see A. saccharinum).
  • FRUIT: Red to green in color, 2" long or less with wings spreading at about 60 degrees.
    Fruit maturing in the spring.
  • PROPAGATION: Seed, cuttings; some graft incompatibility.
  • PESTS: Leaf Hopper
    • `Armstrong' - Fastigiate form. Fall color may be poor.
    • `Autumn Flame' - Good early red fall color.
    • `Columnare' - Narrow columnar or Pyramidal form. Good fall color.
    • `October Glory' - Bright-orange to red fall color in late fall.
    • `Red Sunset' - Orange to red fall color before `October Glory.'
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