Castanea dentata

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Castanea dentata
  • COMMON NAME: American Hickory
  • FAMILY: Fagaceae
  • NATIVITY: Used to be found all throughout rich woodlands, now more scare.
  • GROWTH HABIT: 20-30’; past range before blight (50-70’; 100’).
  • HARDINESS:  Zone 4 to 8
  • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS:  Light sun, moist-dry soil, and found in a range throughout the east coast.
  • LANDSCAPE VALUE:  Pale yellow flowers, unpleasant odor.  Wanted for its edible nuts.
  • FOLIAGE:   Alternate, simple, oblong with a serrated edge; 5-8” long
  • BUDS:  Glabrous, chestnut brown.  Rounded, dome shaped.
  • BARK:  Glabrous, chestnut brown.
  • FRUIT: Nuts with a sweet taste, chestnut brown.
  • PESTS:  Cryphonectria parasitica - the blight that nearly killed off the species
University of Delaware

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