Magnolia acuminata

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Magnolia acuminata
  • COMMON NAME: Cucumbertree Magnolia
  • FAMILY: Magnoliaceae
  • NATIVITY: New York down to Florida west to Illinois
  • GROWTH HABIT: 50-80’
  • HARDINESS:  USDA Zone (3) 4 to 8
  • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS:   Moist soil in rich woods and full sun.  This tree does not do well with saturated or dry soils.
  • FACULTATIVE STATUS:  [Facultative Upland]
  • LANDSCAPE VALUE:  Used for large properties, golf courses, and parks.  The massive spread and flowers make this a great specimen.  
  • FOLIAGE:   Alternate, simple and elliptical to ovate, short acuminate apex, often wavy.  Only Magnolia with yellow in it whatsoever.
  • BUDS:  Valvate, very pubescent, single keeled scale.
  • BARK:  Ridged and furrowed, often scaley, peeley bark in adulthood.  Gray-brown in color.
  • FRUIT:  Pinkish-red follicles in October.  Flowers open in May-June and are large, greenish-yellow and are slightly fragrant.  
  • PESTS:  None serious.
University of Delaware

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