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- Sustainable Landscapes

Goal: Maximize water infiltration and maintain integrity of the watershed.

White wood aster in dry shade Select plants to fit existing soil moisture conditions.
    > Livable Plants for the Home Landscape

  Irrigation by watering can Provide irrigation only when required for plant establishment or management during extended drought.
    > Landscape Management for Water Conservation

  Cistern for collecting stormwater Use captured and treated rainwater, grey-water, and wastewater for on-site water needs such as when landscape irrigation is necessary.
    > Harvesting Water

  Meeting of three common impermeable surfaces Reduce or limit impervious surfaces to improve water infiltration.
    > Permeable vs. Impermeable Surfaces

  Green roof Reduce stormwater discharge by installing gardens to slow water movement and encourage infiltration (rain gardens, green roofs) rather than relying on stormwater collection and removal from the site.
    > Rain Gardens
    > Green Roofs

  Silt fence on construction site Prevent sediment runoff with well-developed plant cover and by using appropriate sediment-control practices during site construction.
    < Preventing Erosion