Rhus aromaticaRhus aromatica

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Rhus aromatica
  • PRONUNCIATION: ros a-ro-mat'ik-a
  • COMMON NAME: Fragrant Sumac
  • FAMILY: Anacardiaceae
  • NATIVITY: Along the East Coast
  • GROWTH HABIT: Low, irregular shrub, produces dense tangled masses
  • SIZE: 2 to 6' (height) by 6 to 10' (spread); variable
  • HARDINESS: Zone 3 - 9
  • CULTURE: Fiberous root system, 3/4 shade to fulls sun prefers acid, well drained soil
  • LANDSCAPE USE: massing ground covers/ stabilizing sloped areas
  • FOLIAGE: Alternate, trifoliate, leaflets subsessile, 1 1/2 to 2" glossy green to dark green, Orange to Redish Purple fall color
  • BUDS: Small, yellow, pubescent, covered by leaf scar
  • BARK: dark, rusty brown
  • FLOWER: Polygamous or dioecious, yellowish, mid-late march to april 1" long
  • FRUIT: Red (females only) hairy drupe from aug. to sept. then loose color into winter
  • PROPAGATION: Seed/ soft wood cuttings
  • PESTS: none serious
  • CULTIVARS: Green Globe, Gro-low, Konza
University of Delaware

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