Chimonanthus preacox

Chimonanthus praecox
  • BOTANICAL NAME: Chimonanthus praecox
  • PRONUNCIATION: ky-mo-NAN-thus PRAY-cox
  • COMMON NAME: Fragrant Wintersweet
  • FAMILY: Calycanthaceae
  • NATIVITY: China
  • GROWTH HABIT: Large, multi-stemmed.  Can become leggy and rejuvenates with a hard cutback.  Deciduous.
  • SIZE: 10 to 15' (height) by 4 to 7' (spread).
  • HARDINESS: Zone 7 - 9.
  • CULTURE: Adapts to a variety of soils.  Will survive urban settings in a protected area.  Full to part sun.
  • LANDSCAPE USE:  Specimen shrub or small tree; especially effective against a dark background.
  • FOLIAGE  Opposite, long narrow leaf with short bristly hairs on upper surface.
  • BUDS: Distinctive flower buds (in late summer) imbricately scaled.
  • BARK: Somewhat square stem with obvious orange-brown lenticels.
  • FLOWER: flower variation   Yellow March flowers with a reddish-orange throat; 5/8" long with a permeating fragrance.
  • FRUIT: Resembles a hornet's nest. Persistent through winter.
  • PROPAGATION:  Seeds and cuttings.
  • PESTS: None serious.
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