Calycanthus floridusCalycanthus floridus

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Calycanthus floridus
  • PRONUNCIATION:CALY-can-thus FLOR-i-dus
  • COMMON NAME: Common Sweetshrub
  • FAMILY: Calycanthaceae
  • NATIVITY: Virginia to Florida
  • GROWTH HABIT: Dense, bushy, rounded or broad rounded shrub, often straggly or unkempt in the wild, usually found under tree canopy in the forest
  • SIZE: 6 to 9' (height) by 6 to 12' (spread).
  • HARDINESS: Zone 4 - 9.
  • CULTURE: prefers a deep, moist loamy soil, sun or shade but grows better in shaded areas
  • LANDSCAPE USE: shrub border
  • FOLIAGE: opposite, simple, broad-ovate 2" to 5" long, dark green, yellow fall color
  • BUDS: superposed in a single bud-like aggregate, sessile, round or oblong, brown hairy. buds concealed by base of the petiole
  • BARK: brown
  • FLOWER: flower in axil
  • flowers in axil, dark reddish brown, 2" across with very fruity fragrance, usually blooming in May thru July
  • FRUIT: Urn-shaped, leathery, wrinkled, brown receptacle, 2" to 3" long, persists thru winter
  • PROPAGATION: seeds/ softwood cuttings
  • PESTS: none serious, very resistant shrub
  • CULTIVARS: many: 'Towe', 'Roy's Dark Red', 'Urbana'


University of Delaware

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