Cornus alternifoliaCornus alternifolia

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Cornus alternifolia
    CORN-us al-ter-ni-FOL-ee-a
  • COMMON NAME: Pagoda Dogwood
  • FAMILY: Cornaceae
  • NATIVITY: East Coast, extending inland to Minnesota
  • GROWTH HABIT: Spreading, Horizontal, low branched shrub
  • SIZE: 15 to 25' (height)
  • HARDINESS: Zone 3 - 7.
  • CULTURE: moist, acidic well-drained soils, does best in cooler climates, sun
  • LANDSCAPE USE: naturalizing or shrub border
  • FOLIAGE Alternate but crowed appearing if whirled, simple, elliptic-ovate, 2" to 5" long
  • BUDS: Flowering, reddish-purple glaborous at the base to mostly glaborous at the apex, medium to dark green
  • BARK: stems brownish possibly a purple hue, older bark is gray and slightly ridged-and-furrowed
  • FLOWER: yellowish white, overpoweringly fragrant, blooms early May to June
  • FRUIT: Drupe, bluish-black, bloomy, 1/4" to 1/3" across
  • PROPAGATION: seed/ cuttings
  • PESTS: Leaf spot, twig blight or canker are problems
  • CULTIVARS: 'Argentea', 'Black Stem'


University of Delaware

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