Acer psuedoplatanus

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Acer psuedoplatanus
  • COMMON NAME: Sycamore Maple
  • FAMILY: Aceraceae
  • NATIVITY: Thrives in Europe and western regions of Asia.
  • GROWTH HABIT: Upright, spreading branches forming an oval to rounded outline; massive with maturity.  40’-60’ (100’)
  • HARDINESS: USDA Zones 4 - 7
  • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS: Part sun, moist soil.  Grows well in disturbed areas.
  • LANDSCAPE VALUE: Little landscape value.  May be noted for massive size at maturity.
  • FOLIAGE:  Opposite, simple leaf.  3-5 lobes, coarsely crenate serrate.   Leathery in texture. Dark green in summer, fall color insignificant brown or yellow
  • BUDS: Terminal large, greenish, slightly pointed, imbricate, and glabrous.  Single bud above leaf scar.  
  • BARK: Grayish, reddish brown to orangish; flaking into irregular, rectangular scales
  • FRUIT:  Samaras, 1 ¼” - 2”, mature in September-October
  • PESTS:  Susceptible to cankers and dead wood which requires ample maintenance.


University of Delaware

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