Clethra acuminataClethra acuminata

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Clethra acuminata
  • COMMON NAME: Mountain Clethra
  • FAMILY: Clethraceae
  • NATIVITY: Japan
  • GROWTH HABIT: (winter habit) upright
  • SIZE: 15' to 20'
  • HARDINESS: Zone 5 to 8
  • CULTURE: dry, gravelly soil, often found on mountain sides, prefers sun
  • LANDSCAPE USE: small tree or suckering shrub
  • FOLIAGE alternate, simple, ovate-elliptic 3" to 8" long, yellow fall color
  • BUDS: reddish-pink
  • BARK: cinnamon-brown color often showing an exfoliating character.
  • FLOWER: butterfly attractant, white fragrant flowers, blooms in early summer
  • FRUIT: small capsules, brown, persist a year or two.
  • PROPAGATION: softwood cuttings/ seeds
  • PESTS: none significant
  • CULTIVARS: 'Anne Bidwell', 'Creels Calico'
University of Delaware

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