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Dogwood Flowers

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The purpose of UDBG's living plant collection is to support its educational mission with emphasis on undergraduate education, outreach programming, and the horticulture industry. A diverse collection of plants displays unique specimens for comparative study, to inspire aesthetic design, and to illustrate ecological relationships. Its rich holdings include temperate plants from around the world, with strong emphasis on Holly (Ilex), Maple (Acer), Magnolia (Magnolia), Oak (Quercus), Viburnum (Viburnum) (see below for selected representatives of each), Snowbells (Styrax), and False Indigo (Baptisia). The current Plant Inventory lists the accession number (first two digits are the year the plant was acccessioned into the garden), scientific name, garden location (indicated by the bed code in the garden), common name, and plant family. The garden beds in the UDBG along with their associated codes can be found on this Location Map. Garden bed codes begin with the first letter of the garden they are located. The taxonomy of the Plant Inventory follows Michael A. Dirr's Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, 6th edition, to provide consistency with plant materials courses and does not necessarily reflect recent taxonomic changes. Click here to view UDBG's Museum Assessment Program (MAP), which evaluated UDBG's plant collections stewardship.

Descriptions and images of plants by type (this does not reflect entire plant collection):

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