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Landscape Color Trial Garden


Featuring bold sweeps of colorful annuals, tropical plants, and tender perennials, the Landscape Color Trials and All-American Selections Display Garden, is a must-see garden at UDBG. Inspiration abounds in this garden, which features award-winning plants, just-released annuals, and creative trellising using repurposed furniture, fences, and other recycled props. This garden is also an incredible resource to visitors that are searching for low-maintenance plants. All the plants grown in the Trial Garden are watered and fertilized for only a week or two after planting, and then must subsist on only rainwater for the rest of the growing season.

The Trial Garden also displays plants that have won the prestigious All-American Selections award. This award is given to plants that are consistently ranked the best performing plants in trial gardens througout the United Sates, making them beautiful, adaptable, low-maintenance plants. Every two weeks summer--fall, a UDBG staff member ranks each trialed plant, assigning a number to the foliage and flowers. Click on the links below to read about some of our top performing plants in the Trial Garden.


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