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Fischer Greenhouse Garden

Surrounding Fischer Greenhouse, this garden features sweeping garden beds that accentuate the building. Small trees, flowering shrubs, and herbaceous plants grace the entry to the greenhouse. A hedgerow with small ornamental and flowering trees borders the parking lot. Throughout the garden several mature specimens of hollies including Foster’s holly (Ilex xattenuata), American holly (Ilex opaca), and English holly (Ilex aquifolium) provide shade and winter interest. To the left of Fischer Greenhouse, the Hydrangea Garden provides an oasis of dappled shade to visitors, particularly in the summer. The Fischer Greenhouse garden was previously the site of a 1 acre rose garden in the 1960s which was maintained by undergraduates in the horticulture program. This was the precursor to the current internship program at UDBG.


A serene garden of dappled shade, winding paths, and carefully composed plantings, the Hydrangea Garden is a perfect place to rest on a sunny summer day. Stately hollies punctuate the garden beds and provide shade for an underplanting of hydrangeas and other shade-loving shrubs including azaleas, aucubas, mahonias, camellias, isu tree (Distylium), plum yew (Cephalotaxus harringtonia), and viburnums. Former curatorial graduate student Jason Veil (2013-2015) transformed this area from a mass of over-crowded plants into a beautiful garden of diverse and unique shrubs. The garden renovation started in 2014 with the removal of several large hollies, and was finished in the summer of 2016 with the planting of many of the understory plants. Although this garden is appealing in all seasons, be sure to visit it during the summer when the hydrangeas are blooming and the garden is at its peak.