Taxodium distichumTaxodium distichum

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Taxodium distichum
  • PRONUNCIATION: tax-OH-dium DIS-tic-hum
  • COMMON NAME: Common Baldcypress
  • FAMILY: Taxodiaceae
  • NATIVITY: Virginia to Louisiana
  • GROWTH HABIT: 50 - 70'.
  • HARDINESS: Zone 4 - 11.
  • CULTURE: Found near water, often times right beside water than actually in it; sun and swampy areas
  • LANDSCAPE USE: Grows well in wet areas and often found in parks near lakes and ponds
  • FOLIAGE: Fall color, buttressing  Deciduous conifer; single branchlet with needles that are parallel; change to gold in the fall
  • BUDS: Alternate near tip of stem, overlapping sharply pointed scales
  • BARK: - knees Light reddish brown and deeply furrowed
  • FRUIT:  Small cones that are short-stalked and globose; flowers are monoecious; males form drooping panicles while females are scattered near the ends of branches
  • PESTS: Mites and galls



University of Delaware

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