Tsuga canadensiTsuga canadensis

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Tsuga canadensis
  • PRONUNCIATION: Su-ga can-a-DEN-sis
  • COMMON NAME: Canadian Hemlock
  • FAMILY: Pinaceae
  • NATIVITY: Nova Scotia to Georgia, but the farther south you travel the higher in the mountains you will find them.
  • 40-70’ (90’)
  • HARDINESS: Zone 3 - 7.
  • FACULTATIVE STATUS:  Facultative Upland
  • LANDSCAPE USE: This is a beautiful specimen and grows well in the right conditions, can be used for screening and shady areas.
  • Evergreen; Almost always 2-ranked, linear and pointed, attached by a petiole which can be an ID
  • BUDS:  Non-showy, very small, ovoid, and slightly hairy.
  • BARK:  Gray deeply furrowed bark, appears nearly reddish purple underneath.
  • FRUIT: Small ovoid cone with a stalk.
  • PESTS: Adelgid, leaf rust, cankers, blister rust




University of Delaware

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