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Taxodium ascendensTaxodium ascendens

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Taxodium ascendens
  • PRONUNCIATION: tax-OH-dium a-CEN-dens
  • COMMON NAME: Pond Cypress
  • FAMILY: Taxodiaceae
  • NATIVITY: Found throughout the Southern United States
  • GROWTH HABIT: 70 - 80'.
  • HARDINESS: Zone 5 - 9.
  • CULTURE: Grows well in sandy woods and found on the southern coastal plain.
    FACULTATIVE STATUS:  None defined
    LANDSCAPE VALUE:  Grows well in wet areas and often found in parks near lakes and ponds
  • LANDSCAPE USE: - fall color Grows well in wet areas and often found in parks and near lakes and ponds
  • FOLIAGE: Much like T. distichum, identifiable because needles point upward; gold fall color; deciduous conifer
  • BUDS:  --
  • BARK:  Light brown and furrowed, if in water it will develop “knees”
  • FRUIT:  Cones that are globular and obovoid
  • PESTS:  Mites and galls