Pinus serotina

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Pinus serotina
  • COMMON NAME: Pond Pine
  • FAMILY: Pinaceae
  • NATIVITY: Coastal plains and southeastern US
  • GROWTH HABIT:  45-75’
  • HARDINESS:  USDA Zone 7 to 9
  • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS:  Wet soils and full sun, needs large amounts of water, often found growing out of lakes.
  • LANDSCAPE VALUE:  Nice tree to use around lakes and ponds, grows to a full height.
  • FOLIAGE:  Needles are clumped in threes connected to a fascicle, needles are 3 to 5” long.
  • BUDS:  Waxy in appearance often many in one area.
  • BARK:  Rough and scaly; reddish gray in color and extremely flaky.
  • FRUIT:  Cones are conic-ovoid and persistent; each scale has an incurved prickle.  Relatively short.
  • PESTS:  Root rot, dieback, and stem blister rust
University of Delaware

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