Pinus rigida

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Pinus rigida
  • COMMON NAME: Pitch Pine
  • FAMILY: Pinaceae
  • NATIVITY: Found in the coastal regions throughout the north to the south.
  • GROWTH HABIT:  40-60’
  • HARDINESS:  USDA Zone 4 to 7
  • OPTIMUM GROWING CONDITIONS:  Acidic, sandy, well-drained soils and full sun.
  • FACULTATIVE STATUS: Facultative Upland
  • LANDSCAPE VALUE: Not highly valued.
  • FOLIAGE: Needles clumped in 3’s
  • BUDS:  Cylindrical or conical; sharply pointed, usually resinous.
  • BARK:  Dark and flaky, turning to smoother browner plates.
  • FRUIT:  Cones are in whorls and light brown, remaining for 2 years on the tree.  A noticable “hook” is on the back of the scales on the cone.
  • PESTS:  Root rot, dieback, and stem blister rust.
University of Delaware

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