Juniperus rigidaJuniperus rigida

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Juniperus rigida
  • PRONUNCIATION: ju-NIP-er-us RIG-i-da
  • COMMON NAME: Stiff-leaved Juniper
  • FAMILY: Cupressaceae
  • NATIVITY: Korea, China.
  • GROWTH HABIT: Broadly conical and rather open. Usually somewhat pendulous.
  • SIZE: 20'.
  • HARDINESS: Zone 6 - 8.
  • CULTURE: Sun, in well-drained soils. Will tolerate hot, dry landscape conditions.
  • LANDSCAPE USE: A unique plant for limited specimen use. The plant is too open and thin to function as a screen.
  • FOLIAGE: Whorled in 3's, 1/2 - 1" long. Leaves are all awl type of foliage. Leaves are sharp pointed and grooved on upper surface.
  • BUDS:
  • BARK: Reddish brown to yellowish brown.
  • FRUIT: Fleshy, globose cone 1/3" in diameter. Bluish-black in color.
  • PROPAGATION: Seed, cuttings.
  • PESTS: None serious.



University of Delaware

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