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Osmanthus fragransOsmanthus fragrans

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Osmanthus fragrans
  • PRONUNCIATION: oz-MAN-thus FRAY-grans
  • COMMON NAME: Fragrant Tea Olive
  • FAMILY: Oleaceae
  • NATIVITY: China
  • GROWTH HABIT: Large rounded shrub.
  • SIZE: 20 - 30' but usually does not reach this size due to lack of hardiness.
  • HARDINESS: Zone 8 - 9, least hardy of the commonly grown osmanthus.
  • CULTURE: Sun to partial shade and moist soil.
  • LANDSCAPE USE: Large shrub useful for the evergreen foliage and fragrant flowers. Probably best used as a containerized plant in the conservatory or outdoors in spring through fall.
  • FOLIAGE: Opposite, oblong to lanceolate with few small or no serrations.
    Leaves are 2 - 4" long.
  • BUDS:
  • BARK: Gray.
  • FLOWERS: Small white flowers in late April. Possibly the most fragrant of all
    the osmanthus. Unusual in that the plants flower in the spring.
  • FRUIT: Bluish black drupe.
  • PROPAGATION: Seed, cuttings.
  • PESTS: None serious.
    • O. fragrans var. aurantiacus - pale orange flowers that are rather attractive.