Ecuador and the Galapagos

Ecuador and the Galapagos



All students must enroll in 6 or 7 credits .

ENWC340 - Plants of Ecuador (3 cr.)
Cross-listed with PLSC 340.

ENWC341 - Tropical Forest Ecology (3 cr.)
Cross-listed with PLSC 341.

FLLT100-074 - Essential Foreign Language: Spanish (1 cr.) pass/fail

PLSC340 - Plants of Ecuador (3 cr.)
An introduction to the native plants of Ecuador including the plants of the altoplano, high Andean valleys, Amazon basin, coastal regions and the Galapagos Islands. Students will learn about the diversity of plants in the country, native species of plants, their local use and applications.

PLSC341 - Tropical Forest Ecology (3 cr.)
Lectures and field trips illustrating the ecology of selected tropical, terrestrial ecosystems. We will examine the Andean highlands, cloud forest, dry coastal forest, wet tropical Amazonian forest and the dry island ecosystem of the Galapagos. Animal and plant ecology will be integrated with climatic, social and economic factors to understand the forces acting on these ecosystems.