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Honors credit may be available. Check with the faculty director and the Honors program for prior approval (before departure).

All students must enroll in 6 credits .

ENWC351 - Nature / Wildlife Photography (3 cr.)
Students will become proficient with the use of a camera, a zoom lens, a normal lens, a release cable and tripod. You will also be able to evaluate images based on exposure, composition and subject matter.

ENWC367 - Communication of Natural Resources Issues (3 cr.)
Students will develop a basic knowledge of communicating natural resource issues to a broad audience. Working in small groups, students will produce and present a series of oral presentations and magazine-style articles. Presentations will include video clips, audio and photographs all taken on the program.

ENWC451 - Advanced Nature/Wildlife Photography (3 cr.)
Students will further their knowledge of photography, learning how to master a variety of natural lighting conditions. Specific assignments include double exposures, fire, waterfalls, stars, reflections and close-ups.

ENWC467 - Wildlife Conservation: An International Perspective (3 cr.)
Develop an understanding of the unique challenges facing wildlife conservation at the international level. Other topics include identifying and surveying terrestrial vertebrates, human-wildlife interactions, ecotourism, and development of international wildlife conservation. First-hand experience in wildlife conservation by visiting various ecosystems, living with local people, and seeing the effects of ecotourism and development.