Special Projects & Services

The University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources works with a variety of partners both internal and external to the university community. The projects and services below cut across many disciplines and partners.

CANR Analytical Laboratories

UD-CANR has a variety of laboratories that provide analytical services to members of the public and university communities. 

Garden for the CommunityGarden for the Community

UD-CANR has dedicated part of its 350 acre agro-ecology teaching complex to a “Garden for the Community” which will provide fresh produce to the Food Bank of Delaware.
Harnessing Solar Energy for Boiler ProductionHarnessing Solar Energy for Broiler Production

UD-CANR and numerous project partners installed a photovoltaic system on a poultry farm in Delaware to determine the economics of installing, operating, and maintaining solar cells as a source of power for poultry houses and to define and guide legislation that maybe necessary to make this technology practical and viable.
Sustaining Agriculture and EcosystemsSustaining Agriculture and Ecosystems in the 21st Century

UD-CANR and St. Andrew’s School (SAS) began working together in the fall of 2005 to develop a long-standing partnership that would enhance the management and use of the agricultural lands, the campus landscape, and the natural ecosystems at St. Andrew’s.

UDairy CreameryUDairy Creamery

The University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources establishing a creamery on the UD campus. The creamery will be directly linked to the CANR dairy and many of our college’s teaching, research, and extension programs. It will be a student-centered, faculty-supported enterprise that complements the core educational, research, and extension missions of our college.

Wool Blue Hen Blankets and Yarn
Blue Hen Blankets & Yarn, established in 2009, are made from wool shorn from the University of Delawares flock of Dorset sheep at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Profits from the sale of Blue Hen Blankets & Yarn help to support the undergraduate large animal teaching programs of the Department of Animal and Food Sciences.

Ag DayAg Day

See you for Ag Day 2012 on Saturday, April 28

Soil Testing Program ImageThe UD Soil Testing Program provides a variety of soil testing services and educational support to farmers, homeowners and others engaged in soil management and land use.