CANR Space Committee

The CANR Space Committee was established by the Dean to coordinate space requests with available spaces as effectively and transparently as possible. The committee makes recommendations that are forwarded to the Dean for final determination.

Committee Members include the Deputy Dean (chair), facilities manager (ex officio), one member from each department, and a representative for the Carvel Center.  Current representatives include:

Current representatives include:

  • Deputy Dean, Janine Sherrier
  • ENWE, Greg Shriver
  • ANFS, Mark Parcells
  • APEC, Tom Ilvento
  • PLSC, Randy Wisser
  • Carvel, Vic Greene
  • Facilities Manager, Jenny McDermott

Meetings are held quarterly or more frequently when required to evaluate requests and make recommendations. Requests are evaluated and decisions made based on the Space Committee Policy [click here PDF] and other relevant considerations.

Space Requests can be made to the committee by e-mailing the Deputy Dean [click here Sherrier e-mail]. Please provide to the committee a brief description of the details, including:

  1. 1) duration of use,
  2. 2) people who will use this space,
  3. 3) a short description of the proposed use,
  4. 4) permanent structural modifications you envision for the space, and
  5. 5) the source and amount of funds secured to make these modifications.