Syllabus for PLSC/CHEM 810

Kinetics and Surface Chemistry of Soils

I.  Kinetics of Soil Chemical Processes

A. Application of Chemical Kinetics to Soil Systems

1.   Characteristic Time Scales and Rate-Limiting Steps

2.   Rate Laws and Reaction Order

3.   Chemical Kinetics Models

4.   Multiple Site Models

5.   Arrhenius Equation and Temperature Effects

B.   Kinetic Methodologies

1.   Batch

2.   Flow

3.   Stirred-Flow

4.   Chemical Relaxation

5.  Molecular Scale Spectroscopic

     - ATR-FTIR

     - Q-XAS

C.   Kinetics of Important Soil Processes

1.   Sorption

2.   Precipitation/Dissolution

3.   Redox

4.   Mineral/Microbe

II. Suface Chemistry of Soils

A.   Introduction and Terminology

B.   Surface Functional Groups

C.   Surface Complexes

D.   Molecular Scale Assessment of Surface Chemical Reactions and Mechanisms

1.   Surface Spectroscopies/Microscopies

i.   ex-situ techniques

ii.  in-situ techniques

2. Important Soil Chemical Processes

i.   Sorption

ii.  Precipitation/Dissolution

iii.   Speciation of Contaminants in Plants, Soils, and Waste Materials

iv. Redox

v.  Mineral/Microbe Interactions

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