Readings for PLSC/CHEM 608
Environmental Soil Chemistry

Next offered Spring 2017



pdfSparks, D.L. 2006. Historical aspects of soil chemistry, p. 307-337, In Warkentin, B.P. Editor. 2006. Footprints In The Soil: People And Ideas In Soil History. Elsevier Ltd., Oxford UK

pdfSparks, D.L. 2006. Milestones In soil chemistry. Soil Sci. 171:S47-S50.

pdfGinder-Vogel, M. and D. L. Sparks. 2010. The impacts of X-ray absorption spectroscopy on understanding soil processes and reaction mechanisms, p. 1-26. In Developments in Soil Science 34: Synchrotron-based Techniques in Soils and Sediments. B. Singh and M. Grafe, eds. Elsevier, Burlington, MA.

Environmental Soil Chemistry, 2nd Edition (Academic Press, 2002, San Diego, CA) by D.L. Sparks. Pages
  Chapter 1  Environmental Soil Chemistry: An Overview    1-42   
  Chapter 2   Inorganic Soil Components  43-74
  Chapter 3    Chemistry of Soil Organic Matter  75-114
  Chapter 4   Solid Solution-Solid Phase Equilibrium 115-132
  Chapter 5  Sorption Phenomena on Soils    133-186
Spring Break   
  Chapter 5  (continued)  
  Chapter 6  Ion Exchange Processes   187-206
  Chapter 7  Kinetics of Soil Chemical Processes  207-244
  Chapter 8 Redox Chemistry of Soils   245-266

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