Kinetics and Surface Chemistry of Soils

Policy for PLSC/CHEM 608

Environmental Soil Chemistry

Monday and Wednesday 3:35 - 4:50, 205 ISE

I. Instructor: Donald L. Sparks
S. Hallock duPont Chair in Soil and Environmental Chemistry

Telephone -Office:





250A Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory (ISE)

Office Hours:

By appointment


450 ISE


Kathy Fleischut
250 AA ISE

II. Teaching Assistants:

Dr. Jason Stuckey Postdoctoral Scholar 476 ISE
Josh LeMonte Graduate Research Fellow 465 AP ISE

III. Objectives:

A. To familiarize students with aspects of soil colloids and their equilibrium and kinetic reactions with nutrients, metals, and organic chemicals.

B. To understand fundamental soil chemical processes such as sorption/desorption, ion exchange, precipitation, dissolution, oxidation-reduction, polymerization, and hydrolysis.

IV. Course Format:
The student is responsible for assigned reading and lecture materials, for assigned problem sets, and class case study reports. There will be two field trips to Stroud Water Research Center and a contaminated site in Wilmington. Dates to be determined.

V. Reading Material:
The textbook for the course is Environmental Soil Chemistry, 2nd Edition (Academic Press, 2002, San Diego, CA) by D.L. Sparks.

VI. Grading System:

Mid-Term Examination 25%

Final Examination 25%

Problem Sets 30%

Case Study Reports and Participation 20%


VII. General Comments: You are encouraged to participate in class and to speak with or contact me or the teaching assistants at any time concerning questions about any portion of the course work or about other problems dealing with the course.


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