Is Your Eyesight Worth Not Wearing Your Safety Glasses?


As a result of Boeing's Safety Glasses Program, an employee from Tubes & Cables began encouraging his eighteen year old son, who works in Construction installing siding on houses, to wear safety glasses. His son was resistant and stated he did not need them, he felt he wasn't going to get hurt. His son got aluminum dust in his eyes while cutting gutter material. The employee told his son he really needed to wear them and the safety glasses would have kept the dust out of his eyes. His son finally relented and started wearing them. During the first or second week the son started wearing safety glasses he was applying siding with an air powered staple gun. When the son fired a staple it hit a metal plate behind the siding, ricocheted back towards his face and one leg of the staple penetrated the safety glasses' lens. It hit with such force that the frames were cracked and the son received bruising on the eyebrow and cheekbone from the impact. The safety glasses definitely saved his eyesight and possibly his life! If only one eye is saved, the program is worthwhile, especially if it is your or your son's eye!


This article demonstrates what happens when safety becomes a culture…..a way of thinking…..a way of acting…..and how safety awareness reaches beyond our workplace into our everyday lives…..and the lives of others.


February Safety Poster

Posted 2/00


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