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Winter 2007 December 12, 2007



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks, Nicole Donofrio, Wendy Honaker, Rodney Dempsey

Not Present: Saengdao Khaokaew, Elaine Eiker

The meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m.
Old Business

Training completed in last quarter:

  • RTK - Undergrad
    5 classes registered, 192 students - 112 completed
  • Grad Student Training - all now registered automatically - 6 completed
  • RTK - 19
  • Chemical Waste - 15
  • Biosafety -1
  • Blood Borne Pathogen - 1
  • DOT Dry Ice -2

Fall Lab Inspections
Conducted by committee, with 1/4 assigned to Kevin Eichinger

Lab Contact Inspector Issues
101/104 WOR Hendricks Wendy Zhu needs RTK, CW and Bio training.
Need JHA for nanoclays.
Showers not inspected and unsecure.
105/212 WOR Pautler Wendy Showers not inspected.
108/110 WOR Olsen Jerry

Add chem inventory to EHSA.
SOP's for phenol, hydrazine and dichromate completed.
Foot pedal needed on grinder/ excessive noise level.

112 WOR Pill Kevin  
125 WOR Golt Kevin  
201/204 WOR Gregory Kevin Toluene and Formaldehyde SOP's needed.
Shower not inspected, eye wash in 204 blocked.
Store chemicals by hazard class.
Develop JHA for drill press.
205 WOR Gregory Kevin  
208 WOR Jin Kevin  
210 WOR Tecle Jerry RTK training expired.
Remove outdated chemicals.
212 WOR Pautler Wendy OK
214/215 WOR Kitto Nicole Smoking and insect parts continue to be detected in ventilation.
216 WOR Yoo Saengdao  
302 WOR Fuhrmann Saengdao  
304 WOR Vasilas Nicole

Unauthorized people have access to lab.
Disposal of inherited chemicals were regquested, but never picked up.
Need broken glass container.

306 WOR Golt Saengdao  
307 WOR Golt Rodney Transfered to Animal Science.
150 TNS Pizzolato Rodney Add chemical inventory to EHSA.
151 TNS Gregory Rodney OK
Greenhouses Bartz Saengdao  

A general discussion followed concerning access to utility panels in Worrilow. Agreed that it would be helpful to be able to turn off supply lines during emergencies. Will followup with Jenny McDermott.

New Business

Emergency Operations Plan

Requested updated information from all faculty, but have to date, only received three responses.
Tried to enter data into new web based form, but encountered major problems. Informed Marcic Nickle of problems encountered and was advised to hold off until issues can be resolved.


DOHS Announcements

Chemical Inventory
Homeland Security has modified Appendix A list. Published in November with 60 day response period.
Reportable chemicals are identified if entered in EHSA.

Workplace Chemical List is due.

Reminder to report Near Miss incidents.

New Minors in Lab policy.

Provost directed Biosafety audit completed after three years.

Provost request DOHS inspect every lab on campus once/yr.

Laser Safety Committee established.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 p.m.