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Winter 99 December 1, 1999

Attendees: Gerald Hendricks, Allan Shapiro, Karen Gartley, Yuji Arai and Robin Elliott.

Absent:. Caroline Golt and Doug Ware.

The meeting was called to order by Gerald Hendricks at 1:40.

Order of Discussion:

Jerry welcomed the new committee members and explained their duties. Each member is responsible to ensure departmental compliance with University safety policies, to attend this committee's meeting four times per year, to conduct departmental lab inspections in the Spring, and to be a resource person to the department on safety related matters.

Old Business

1. Jerry reported that the Safety Poster of the Month continued by addressing Bicycle Safety, Electrical Safety and the Safety Auditing Program. Ken Lomax was thanked for provided the information for electrical safety. Addressing relevant topics is becoming more difficult and suggestions for future topics would be appreciated.

2. The Spring inspection report for 307 Worrilow was sent to Dean Nye and Dr. Sparks along with a copy of the last meetings' minutes. The lab is used by both PLSC and ANSC without a responsible party designated. The issue was raised at both the Administrative Group meeting and the PLSC Faculty meeting. Caroline Golt has since assumed responsibility for the autoclave, but no one has claimed the French press, fume hood, phosphoimager or gel dock. It was suggested that Bertrand Lemieux assume control of the French press, Mark Radosevich or Jeff Furhmann oversee the fume hood, and Larry Cogburn the phosphoimager and gel dock.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry will ask each of the above parties to assume responsibility.

3. Information for the University wide standardized signs was sent to Kelly Morgan along with a request to add a Magnetic category to the 112 WOR sign. The signs should be posted shortly.

4. Graduate Student Safety Training was held on 9/1, 9/7 and 9/13 with 11 PLSC students attending.. With the 18 who received training in 1998, there are still 10 students without training. An email reminder was sent to Faculty and Grad students before two upcoming November sessions, but no PLSC students participated. The following still need to attend:

Scott Drummond

Revital Herrmann

Saeed Irian

Scott Lynch

Jiquing Peng

Sujatha Sankula

Helen Waite

Cory Whaley

Dave Wilson

Chu Zhang

5. Jerry will contacted Doug Tallamy about the rotten melons in the Greenhouse cold room. He was unaware that they were being stored there and promptly removed them. Responsibility for the cold room was also addressed at the Administrative Group meeting, but no one has been designated yet.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry will ask Entomology if they will take responsibility since they seem to be the major user.

6. Jerry asked Greg Rumsey to provide bottled water for Worrilow Hall, but he refused, stating that "The water problem effects the entire campus. No change in policy has occurred that will permit us using funds to place water coolers in Worrilow."

ACTION ITEM: Jerry will post warning signs above the water fountains in TNS and WOR.

New Business

7. Request to complete the final lab inspections of the year were sent. Kelly Morgan will inspect 201, 210 and 216 WOR.

8. A discussion was held concerning the Safety Audit Program. It was agreed that it could become an important tool in identifying weakness in our programs. A motion was made and approved to volunteer PLSC to undergo the audit to both test the operation of the program and to identify areas of noncompliance. The results will be shared with Dr. Sparks and Dean Nye to use as they wish.

11. There were no incidents or accidents to report.

12. Robin made several announcements.

  • The DOHS has set its training schedule for the year 2000. It can be found at the following web address:
  • The DOHS has communicated the modification of a number of University Safety Policies.
  • The new chemical redistribution program which evolved out of a chemical inventory project is now available It can be found at
  • The DOHS will be hosting an Open House on January 13 from 11a.m.-3p.m. in Room 130 General Services Building. It will involve vendors of safety equipment and displays of safety programs fro the home as well as work.
  • The Workplace Chemical List needs to be updated and sent to Terri Lineback.
  • The DOHS has sent out a memorandum requesting persons who work with biological materials to identify themselves to Krista Murray, the Biosafety Officer. The forms need to be returned by December 3, 1999.

The next meeting will be held on March 1, 2000 at 1:30.

The meeting was adjourned at 2;55.