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Winter 98 December 2, 1998

Attendees: Gerald Hendricks, Alan Shapiro, Mark Radosevich, Caroline Golt, Stacy Dean and Robin Elliott.

The meeting was called to order by Gerald Hendricks at 1:10.

Order of Discussion:

Old Business

1. Jerry reported that Kelly Morgan conducted a Graduate Student Orientation session for PLSC students on September 16. Eighteen out of thirty-seven students attended. There will be another training session conducted on February 3 from 1:30-2:30.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry agreed to notify the remaining students of the upcoming session.

2. Jerry reported that a memo was sent to PLSC PI's calling for Fall's lab self inspection. A copy of the Spring and Summer inspection reports was attached. Kelly Morgan has agreed to inspect 112 Worrilow and 154 Townsend. As of today, several inspections have yet to be conducted.

New Business

3. A discussion was held concerning the status of 307 Worrilow. The lab is operated as a community space, without a specific individual maintaining responsibility. It was unknown if there has been a safety inspection conducted of the lab. Current problems include a centrifuge partially blocking access to the room and occasional bags of Biohazzard waste being left on the floor. It was agreed that PLSC is the main user of the room and that we should inspect and maintain it. Mark agreed to be responsible for the autoclave. Much of the other equipment is owned by the Plant Biotechnology Center.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry agreed to conduct a lab inspection of 307 Worrilow.

4. A discusssion was held on alternative means of disseminating safety information. A bulletin board has been suggested but an ideal centralized location is problematic and most people will not read lengthy articles. It was agreed to try a monthly posting of quickly readable material in the Worrilow and Townsend bathrooms. This will be evaluated at the spring committee meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry agreed make a poster regarding proper sharp disposal proceedures and post it for the month of December. Future topics include eye protection, carcinogen SOP and web based waste collection requests.

5. Robin made several annoucments.

  • A new university wide standardized lab door label was displayed. It is constructed of a plexiglass sleeve with an approximately 8 x 12" insert. The plan is to have the insert template available on the DOHS web site and departments will select the appropriate symbols used to describe the operations of each lab. Additionally there will be a removable card with lab contact information. The sleeves will be mounted outside of every lab door at DOHS's expense.
  • The 1999 Training Schedule has been released and is available on the DOHS web site at A reminder was made that sessions entitled "Refresher" are not for first time trainees.
  • There is a possibility of obtaining grant money to conduct web based safety training. All agreed this would be well received.
  • Robin and Dean Nye are serving on a committee to establish proceddures for conducting departmental safety audits. The purpose is to determine the effectiveness of current safety training programs.
  • The proposed web based laboratory management program of chemical inventories has encountered of a few delays. It may be instituted as an incomplete package with continuing updates. A concern was raised on the effort needed by each lab for entering it's inventory information. Robin mentioned that User Services may be able to provide help with data entry.
  • Robin reminded the committee that a Fire Drill is an annual requirement.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry agreed to schedule a fire drill in March.

The next meeting will be held on March 3 at 1:00.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30.