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Winter 97 November 14, 1997

Present: Daryl Whittington, Caroline Golt, Mark Radosevich, Sherry Kitto, Janet Shirey, Jerry Hendricks, and Robin Elliott

Members of the committee were introduced. Ms. Janet Shirey is the only new member, serving as the graduate student representative.

Old Business:

The memo sent from Mr. Mark Stallman, Public Safety, concerning the College wide fire drill held on 10/10/97 was read. It indicated that there was one alarm in Worrilow Hall that lacked sufficient volume. In Townsend Hall, the entire alarm system has deteriorated and several bells did not ring or lacked volume. Replacement of the system is scheduled. Attempts were made to repair the system on 10/13/97, though no replacement parts are available. No other problems were noted.

Dr. Nye has approved the holding of a Graduate Teaching Assistant Safety Training workshop for all graduate students in the College. Discussion was held whether to make the workshop mandatory, to allow graduate Research Assistants attendance, and where and when to hold it. Suggestions were made to have the students R.S.V.P. their attendance, to allow RA attendance, and to hold the workshop in January (during Winter Session) in Townsend Hall. Ms. Elliott suggested that a week in January be suggested to hold the workshop and she would then pick a day from that week.

The Utility Outage Notification System was upgraded to respond to problems regarding voice-mail and full mail boxes. The system appears to be working well. Mr. Whittington asked whether he was expected to announce such outages to the rest of the department. Ms. Elliott indicated that only in the event that such outages impacted the department.

Mr. Hendricks reported on the lab inspections conducted by Ms. Kelly Morgan, University Chemical Hygiene Officer. Ms. Morgan inspected the Soil Testing Labs (WOR 108/110/111), Dr. Hawk's lab (WOR 210), and Dr. Sim's lab (WOR 212). Some comments were made that had not been made on previous inspections for these particular lab sites. There were no major violations.

The work to install the 4 ft. chemical fume hood belonging to Engineering into WOR 307 has been approved. However, for a few thousand dollars more, a larger and better hood may be purchased. Ms. Elliott indicated that another hood (6 ft. California-type) was also available from storage. Dr. Radosevich reported that this hood would be considered a temporary solution. The new hires would probably need a fume hood installed in WOR 304. Ms. Elliott reported that building codes now require a fume hood in all newly built labs. They are currently in the plans for the new lab renovations proposed for Townsend Hall.

New Business:

Ms. Elliott reported that a computer program for laboratory chemical inventories is being coordinated with MIS. Each individual laboratory can have their separate inventory listed. Those laboratories who do not desire to have their chemical inventory accessible to others in the University can have their individual laboratories inventory password protected.

Mr. Fred Hofstetter, Instructional Technology, has agreed to assist DOHS develop safety training programs based on current distance learning technology. This may eventually replace Right-to-Know (RTK) and other training currently conducted by DOHS.

Halogen light fixtures will be banned in dorms due to fire concerns.

New safety video's have been purchased for safety training. The new titles will be sent out to Department Safety Chairs and are also available on the U of D HomePage under Safety.

Safety Training will be covered at the next CTE Graduate Teaching Assistant's Conference. Also, safety training for new employees will be covered during new employee orientation. A RTK quiz is being developed to aid in the training. Currently, new employees are given a copy of the Safety Manual and information concerning RTK. Mr. Fred Hofstetter suggested interactive computer training, but there are concerns about costs. MIS has agreed to donate server costs. Dr. Kitto suggested grant monies from safety or teaching based funding programs to underwrite the cost involved in this type of training.

Ms. Elliott also reported that one of the employees injured during an incident involving unknown chemicals improperly disposed of in a dumpster at Old College was still quite ill. The identities of the chemicals involved has still not been determined.

Mr. Whittington announced that laboratory inspections are soon to be repeated. He will send out announcements informing the department and expects to have a mid-December deadline for the inspection to be completed.

Mr. Whittington and Mr. Hendricks reported on the Transportation of Hazardous Materials Training Workshop they attended on 11/13/97. Mr. Whittington will prepare a packet to be placed in the Safety Folder for the department and will contact the department regarding the new policy.