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Robin Elliott Annoucements

Fall 96 Minutes

Winter 96 December 13, 1996

Present: Daryl Whittington, Mark Radosevich, Sherry Kitto, Jerry Hendricks, Amy Brennan, and Robin Elliott

Absent: Caroline Golt

Ms. Elliott was asked to make announcements regarding any safety issues. Ms. Elliott discussed previous memos that had been distributed to the chair. The committee was reminded about the importance of disposing of hazardous materials and equipment contaminated with hazardous materials. Those materials that qualify as hazardous were read to the committee. It was suggested that a memo should be distributed to all faculty reminding them of the proper procedure for disposition of these materials. A safety folder should be made available to the entire department, placed in the main office that contains the proper information and accompanied with labels to be attached to hazardous waste items. Another memo was discussed that announced the awarding of the safety eyewear contract to University Opticians on the corner of Chapel and Main Streets. Ms. Elliott suggested that all memos and e-mails be shared with the entire committee.

A reminder should be sent to Caroline Golt that the Workplace Chemical List be sent to Terri Lineback, DOHS.

It was announced that the faculty were presented at their most recent department faculty meeting (12/5/96) with the information concerning lab inspections. A few faculty members have already performed their first self inspection and returned their forms. These forms are to be kept on file and a quarterly report be prepared for Ms. Elliott.

The following concerns were raised:

The purchase and unnecessary storage of excess amounts of chemicals by individual labs. Ms. Elliott suggested that a system be worked out through the Chemical Store that monies from grants be JV'ed to the Chemical Store in return for store credit. This may prevent researchers from purchasing large quantities of chemicals in order to qualify for quantity discounts. A problem exists with many researchers storing old, outdated chemicals or purchasing bulk quantities. An electronic interdepartmental memo could aid those researchers who would like to "give away" excess chemicals. Chemical lab "clean outs" can be arranged through DOHS when professors retire so that entering new professors are not stuck with unknown and/or undesired chemicals.

Smoke detectors are checked, but aren't tagged to indicate such.

Emergency lighting and does it exist in Worrilow Hall? Ms. Elliott said she would check into it.

Stickers or signs be prepared for phones to indicate that 9-911 be dialed for any emergency, not 2222 for quicker response by University police.

The University safety policy manual is available on the UD Home Page under safety. The DOHS is preparing its own web page. Faculty, staff, and students should be reminded of its on line availability.

Ground Fault Circuits should be used anywhere near the use of water, however, the required distance from a source of water is not known.

Hot Surface warning stickers can be printed and made available through the DOHS.

Spill kits can be composed of very simple and inexpensive items such as vermiculite and sodium bicarbonate. Please notify DOHS of all chemical spills.

Flow charts were distributed to explain the proper procedure for glass disposal and chemical segregation. Safety chair should make copies and distribute this to all safety committee members. This information should also be supplied in the safety folder to be kept in the main office file cabinet.

The meeting was adjourned at noon. The next safety meeting will be held in February following the start of the spring semester.