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Winter 2009 December 9, 2009



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks, Rodney Dempsey, Karen Gartley, Vidhya Raman, Krista Murray
MIssing : Randy Wisser and Kathleen Turner 

The meeting was called to order at 11:10 am

Old Business:

Fall lab inspection deficiencies found
101/104 WOR Karen Gartley and Jerry Hendricks
C01 Lab unattended and unlocked during inspection (group was notified)
C10 JHA for chromium, cadmium and nickel needed
C11 One training out of date (completed)
C41 Need SOP for cadmium
C22 Need Hot Surface labels
C52 Lab temperature frequently fluctuates
C74 Storage on top of wall cabinets - look into installing lips
Other - ceiling tile near door of 101 needs replacement (reported to Fixit)

105 WOR - Rodney Dempsey and Maria Pautler
C37 Chemicals stored above eye level
C19 Storage on floor

108/110 WOR - Randy Wisser and ?
C11/ C45A Donna needs Chemical Waste training
C35A Unaware of proper spill and clean up protocols - need to retake Chemical Waste training
C28 Emergency lighting needs repair (reported?)
C48 Unprotected parts but grinder is being replaced

112 WOR – Jerry Hendricks and Caroline Golt
C06 Caroline has inventory in Excel, has started to upload manually, but would prefer to upload file
C10 Caroline will send JHA for ICP and TGA and ask Dalton Abdala to write one for FTIR - (done for ICP and TGA, not FTIR)
C14 Lab doors open by necessity due to frequent traffic
C47 Too much lighting in hallway at night (Jerry reported to Jenny and Facilities - might be addressed)
C52 Occasionally too cold

119/125 WOR - Randy Wisser and Wally Pill
C11 Unsure if training is up to date, but PI is retiring
C35A Not trained in spill and clean up protocols - should take Chemical Waste training
C62 Excess nitrogen tank - send back to vendor
C28 Unsure if emergency lighting works
C49 Excessive noise

201/204 WOR - Rodney Dempsey and Sridhara Kunjeti
C16 Extension cord in use - should be for temporary use only

205 WOR – Rodney Dempsey and Sridhara Kunjeti
C16 Extension cord in use - should be for temporary use only

208 WOR – Vidhyavathi Raman and ?
C07 Biological inventory needs to be updated
C11 Training needed
C12 Face shield missing

210 WOR – not completed

212 WOR - Karen Gartley and Maria Pautler
No issues

214/215 WOR – Vidhyavathi Raman and ?
C11 Training needed
C72 No water in one of the sinks (report to Fixit)
C75 Mercury thermometers in use (replace)
C16 Extension cord in use - should be for temporary use only

216 WOR – Jerry Hendricks and Kyungsoo Yoo
C41 Will send JHA for isotope work
C58 Fume hood fan not working (reported to Fixit)
C23 Has broken refrigerator, instructed to submit request to drain Freon and then movers for disposal
C45A Unsure (sent Kyungsoo training report)

302/306 WOR – Jerry Hendricks, K. Huang, S. Kunjeti and V. Raman
C02 Out of date (corrected on the spot)
C10 Has JHA's, will send
C11 Several expired trainings(sent training report and link to training site - suggestion: add more visible link to training on EHS home page)
C33 Currently use bunsen burners in biosafety cabinet, but when informed of concern of open gas lines in teaching labs, would not be upset if all gas lines were turned off. Reported to Jenny for consideration)
C23 Refrigerator not labeled (completed)
C43 Secondary waste container too small
C44 No orange waste labels available (completed)

304 E WOR - Jerry Hendricks and M. Patzolak
C02 No University Laboratory Sign - need one with Flammables, OSHA, Bio, High Voltage, UV (reported to Kevin and completed)
C06/C07 Lab not listed in EHSA yet (reported to Kevin)
C09 Will print MSDS's
C10 None yet, but will do
C11 Not yet, M. Patzolak not in system yet
C33 Use Bunsen burners in biosafety cabinet - would miss if tuned off
C23 Need No Food labels (completed)
C52 Lab too hot
C44 No orange labels (provided)

308 WOR - Randy Wisser and Caroline Golt?
C01/C05 Common lab, door always open
C14 Windows open when autoclave smells
C58 Local exhaust volume too low (report to Fixit)
C52 Lab too hot, ventilation could be improved

150 TNS - Randy Wisser and Tom Pizzalato
C06 Chemical inventory not in EHSA
C11 No certificate for training (overdue)
C75 Has one mercury thermometer - should replace

151 TNS – Karen Gartley and Nancy Gregory (old form)
RTK training needed for Bob Mulrooney
Need JHA for grinder

Greenhouses – Jerry Hendricks and Bill Bartz
C06 Will provide chemical inventory to Sue Wooler to add the EHSA
C07 Bio inventory is old - will ask users to update
C18 Outlet next to sink in headhouse may not be GFI protected (ask Facilities to check)
C61 Old chemical waste bottle in hood needs to be labeled, capped and disposed
C23 Need No Food and Flammable labels (provided)
C54 Occasional sandal wearers in summer
C43 Possible experiment may need to collect leachate (checked with T. Li, no leachate generated)

EHS Announcements:
Krista Murray presented a new Chemical and Registration Form an an hazard Assessment Checklist for Laboratory Researchers. It is still under development, but looks a very promising method for determining proper training and job hazard analysis requirements.

Krista also shared results of a recent campus survey on perceptions of the safety office. Most responses came from grad students and there was little variation in the ranking of services offered. When asked if the safety training provided was sufficient to understand applicable hazards,and if the tools and information needed to perform safety was provided, all responded with Agree or Strongly Agree. Only one half or respondents have been given or helped to develop a JHA. A vast majority is aware of special restrictions and have received approval to work with highly toxic substances. Almost all respondents replied that they have received appropriate training and feel safe working in the lab.

Trying to get new employee information fed directly in to EHSA.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 p.m.
Next meeting will be March 10, 2010 at 11:00 am in room 156 Townsend.