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Fall 2006 September 13, 2006



Attendees: Kevin Eichinger, Jerry Hendricks, Cathy Olsen, Kyungsoo Yoo, Masayuki Shimizu and Kathy Fleischut.

Not Present: Bob Mulrooney, Teresa Holton, Liping Zhang.

The meeting was called to order at 11:05 AM.

This year's PLSC Safety Committee members are all new except for Teresa Holton and Jerry Hendricks.  We act as a resource for all safety questions in PLSC.  We can also direct anyone to specialists in DOHS like Kevin Eichinger (Ext. 2103) for chemical hygiene matters or to Krista Murray (Ext. 1433) for biological safety issues.  DOHS staff directory can be found on their web site:

Old Business:

Fire drill items have not yet been addressed. Jenny McDermott has assumed building responsibilities and is aware of the issues and will handle them. Tom Sims has requested that a Project Manager be named to oversee renovations in Worrilow Hall.  There is a UD 10-year list for renovation, but Worrilow Hall is not on that list at this time.  Sims would like to see at least a face lift, but college funds are needed.  Jenney Mc Dermott and Tom Sims will prioritize issues, e.g. wireless internet, etc.

Outstanding Spring Inspection items:
Townsend Hall
Ceiling tiles outside of 222 TNS need to be replaced.  012 and 013 TNS lack lab signs. 

Worrilow Hall
Room 125 WOR tiles are water stained and moldy. 

216 needs a chemical inventory, biological inventory and toxic survey, MSDS'S, spill kit and oven removed.
The Safety Office sells spill kits.  Every lab needs access to a spill kit if there is not one in the room.  Cathy Olsen has spill pillows for Kyungsoo Yoo.  Oven was found not to contain asbestos, so will not be removed.

306 needs ceiling tiles replaced.

Toxic Surveys are not complete for rooms 208, 216, 302 and 304 Worrilow Hall. 

Fisher Greenhouse
 Zone door  bottom brackets are rusty.  Request went to facilities but it was too expensive to do so they will remove and install barriers.
There is no chemical inventory, biological inventory or toxic survey.

Wilson Farmhouse
Window latch not yet fixed.

New Business:

Worrilow Hall
Lab Inspections are conducted four times/yr.  In the past the Safety Committee conducted the spring inspection and the other three were self inspected. Too often, the self inspections have either not been completed, or they have returned with no comments or issues. This year we will conduct both the fall and spring inspections and the OHS office will be trying to visit each lab once a year, with the remainder done by self inspection.  Most issues will be routine as most labs are in good shape, but conditions evolve and new personnel need to be exposed to the process.  Building issues are now directed to Jenny McDermott.
Following is a list for the Fall 2006 inspection:

Cathy Olsen to inspect:       101/104 WOR (Jerry Hendricks)
                                                 112 WOR (Caroline Golt)
                                                 208 WOR (Yan Jin)

Masayuki Shimizu to inspect:  212 WOR (Maria Pautler)
                                                201/204 WOR (Tom Evans)
                                                214/215 WOR (Sherry Kitto)

Kyungsoo Yoo to inspect:  110 WOR (Karen Gartley)
                                                210 WOR (Jim Hawk)
                                                304 WOR (Bruce Vasilas)

Teresa Holton to inspect:    125 WOR (Wally Pill)
                                                306/307 WOR (Caroline Golt)
                                                151 TNS (Bob Mulrooney)

Jerry Hendricks to inspect: 205 WOR (Nancy Gregory)
                                                216 WOR (Kyungsoo Yoo)
                                                302 WOR (Jeff Fuhrmann/Nicole

Bob Mulrooney to inspect:  212 WOR (Tom Sims)
                                                150 TNS (Tom Pizzolato)
                                                Fisher Greenhouse

Kevin Eichinger provided a new form for the inspections.

Accident Reports
The past quarter we have had 3 incidents:
1)  August 4 – An intern was doing pruning around a hornet’s nest and cut his finger with the sheers.  He received stitches and was out for two weeks.

2)   August 15 – A student was not wearing the proper footwear in the Greenhouse.  He hit his foot and toenail was lifted.  He received medical aid at the hospital.

3)  September 1 – An employee was tightening a joint on a gas container with a wrench and hurt finger.  X-rays were taken and finger needed to be lanced. 

There are 128 undergraduates signed up for WebCT RTK training.  36 are incomplete.  Five classes were registered, PLSC 101, 205, 211, 313 and 422.
There are 11 new graduate students who have been registered for New Grad Student Training, plus 2 registered for Chemical Waste training and 1 for Biosafety Training.
Ben no longer works in office so WebCT registration request should go to Kevin for now.
Jerry is able to track RTK training since he is listed as TA in OHS_100 PLSC RTK Basic, but requested he be added as TA to the other trainings as well.
The PLSC Directory needs to be updated.  There are 3 new faculty and many students are not on the list. When complete, all will be submitted for WebCT RTK training.

Kevin Eichinger Announcements

  • The last fire drill was April 2006.
  • It was asked if we are receiving posters.  Yes, we have a poster board.
  • New policies were brought up regarding lightening safety and cell phones for field work.
  • It was asked how chemicals are taken from Store Room.  We don't have one, but will the Fisher Rep is considering setting one up.
  • It was asked how we get dry ice.  We obtain dry ice from DBI and transport it in a UD vehicle. Personal vehicles are prohibited.
  • September is Fire Safety Month.  We should think about fire extinguisher training.  Contact Kevin McSweeny if interested.
  • Driver’s license verification must be up to date with all students/employees who plan to drive for any UD function.  Follow up with Dot Milsom. 
  • UD has received funding from the Provost office for graduate assistance in laser safety procedures. 
  • Changes have been made to the Chemical Hygiene Policy.  Problems must be rectified or fixed.  Failure to do so will result in lock-out after Chair review. This will be brought up at the next Chair’s meeting.   
  • The new website will clearly explain the process to determine highly toxic chemicals.  There will be an approval form.  SOP’s need to be completed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Fleishut