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Fall 2004 September 16, 2004



The PLSC Safety Committee Members for 2004-2005 are Cindy Barnett, Tom Evans, Jeff Fuhrman, Caroline Golt, Jerry Hendricks, Carrie McCool, Maria Pautler, and Jen Seiter.

Attendees: Cindy Barnett, Kevin Eichinger, Tom Evans, Jerry Hendricks, Leslie York-Hubbard and Maria Pautler.

Absent: Jeff Fuhrman, Carrie McCool and Jen Seiter.

The minutes were taken by Cindy Barnett.

The meeting was called to order at 1:40 PM.

Cliff Keil’s storage cabinet is still in the first floor Townsend Hall stairway. Jerry will speak to Julie Burton.
Teresa’s work with greenhouse safety needs is ongoing.
The security cameras issue is still in process and there is no news available at this time.
Toby Pierce and the project to back up all departmental files is ongoing.

Web CT training: Every September everyone needs to complete the “Right-To-Know” training.
Here are the numbers of individuals who currently need to complete the training and how many have done so.


# registered

# completed

Basic RTK
231 111
Advanced RTK 91 21
New Graduate - Non-Lab 5 1
New Graduate - Lab 3 2
Chemical Waste 23 10

These numbers are from the ones that turned in their signed completion form and grade. More still may be coming.

101 WOR - need Arsenic SOP/JHA
threshold needs replacing

150 TNS - nothing cited

151 TNS - RTK needed

105 WOR - JHA being worked on

201/204 WOR - RTK, JHA in process

205 WOR - GFI not marked

212 WOR - JHA in process

Kevin talked about the new chemical waste containers that are available.
- Corrosive waste containers should ALWAYS be used when the ph is less than 4 and greater than 10. These containers are available for $61.00 (60% cost savings). Corrosive waste containers are rated 3-5 PSI. Four will be made available for each lab.
- Solvent waste containers are also available for everything that is not corrosive. The solvent waste containers are $65.00 each and they are available on line through UDMART and they are FM approved. These containers have a wide mouth and no funnel is needed. This is a huge benefit – funnels can range from $60 and up. HPLC ports are available per request. Kevin also wanted to stress that if anyone is ever experiencing and unexpected reaction to call 911 or the Safety & Occupational Health office.
The Corrosive waste containers are labeled with yellow labels and the Solvent Waste Containers are labeled with red labels. Leslie told everyone that there is a supply of extra labels at the office.

Lab Inspections: A notice was sent out in September that everyone would do a “self-inspection and Jerry has received 7 of these to date.
Outstanding items:
101 WOR:
- SOP written for arsenic and Tiffany Thomas is working on this
- threshold on the floor stills needs to be replaced
-label drinking water
-fume hood cluttered, trying to obtain additional hood
-improper chem waste containers
150 TNS – completed
151 TNS – “Right-To-Know” training needed for Mulrooney, Gregory
105 WOR – Job Hazardous Analysis needed
201 & 204 WOR– “Right-To-Know” training still needed, Job Hazardous Analysis
205 – GFI outlets need to be marked
212 WOR- Job Hazardous Analysis in process
208 – fume hood needs to be recertified.

Maria questioned about the right height for the sash for proper protection. Kevin said to pull the sash to a comfortable level to properly cover the neck & face area for protection (18 – 20 inches).

Leslie’s Announcements
- Waste posters have been distributed.
- The guidelines for shipping biological material has been updated online.
- Krista (ext. 1433) is in charge of arranging all shipping on plant pathogens.
- APHIS requires a 40 hours training program before shipping and anyone can take this training.
- There is an updated lab inspection form on the web (the updated version has a follow-up page).
- The mold issue was discussed. For more information on this subject access
- Robin has a new video “Machine Guarding”
- Leslie spoke to Bernie about the fireworks. Bernie is supposed to contact Dr. Frett.

Two incidents reported
o Student cut leg by dropping a bucket on it.
o On July 27 a student was trimming roots and cut her hand. An incident report still needs to be filed on this incident.

Fire Drill went well on May 5th.

There is still a chain lock on the front door of the Farmhouse.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 PM.

Respectively submitted by Cindy Barnett.