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Winter 2001 December 5, 2001



Attendees: Jerry Hendricks (Chair), Jeff Fuhrmann, Caroline Golt, Markus Grafe, Christina Hamilton, Stefan Hunger, Maria Pautler, and Robin Elliot (OHS).

Absent: Cindy Barnett (excused).

The minutes were taken by Maria Pautler.

The meeting was called to order at 1:38 PM.

Old Business

Regarding the furniture in Worrilow Hall, Julie Burton met with Steelcase representatives to obtain a quote for getting lockers, cabinets, tables, and chairs in the hallways. She didn't place an order that day pending the fate of the crosswalk between Townsend and Worrilow Halls. It has since been learned that the crosswalk will be taken down. The lockers and cabinets will still be purchased to go near each end of each floor's hallway. The table and chair configuration, however, will be changed based on the new use of hallway space for a lounge area after the crosswalk demolition is completed. Crosswalk demolition should begin on December 10.

Julie spoke to Gary Pennington, Electrical Shop, about identifying GFI outlets in the Worrilow labs. She was told that the cost is $25 per outlet that needs to be replaced but that the labor to do such a job will be intense. So Julie backed off but Jerry Hendricks asked her to pursue it again. Robin Elliott will contact Gary, too.

New Business

Only four Fall lab inspections have been completed to date, so this item was not discussed.

Per Robin, Leslie York-Hubbard is working at OHS full-time again.

Cindy Barnett has been added as lab manager for eight different labs on the Lab Management program. Cindy has been updating chemical inventories for these labs.

The culprit who was improperly placing biohazardous waste in 308 Worrilow has been identified and now properly packages waste. A training session will be presented by Krista Murray and Brian Ladman on January 9, 2002 in Room 132 Townsend Hall covering use of the autoclave in 307 Worrilow and accumulation of waste in 308. It will be mandatory to have this training before using either of these rooms. Caroline Golt suggested videotaping the training session so as to have it easily available for future users of these rooms.

 Jerry plans to hold a training session for the PLSC department on shipping biological materials.

There was one accident reported since the last Safety Committee meeting. Yan Jin twisted her ankle while descending the Townsend Hall stairs. She was treated at the hospital and released. Cindy conducted Yan's interview for reporting purposes.

Caroline asked about disposal of ethidium bromide, which is used in microbiology work. Robin said this should be turned in as hazardous chemical waste.


OHS Announcements by Robin Elliott

A section has been added to the Chemical Hygiene Plan regarding a safe work environment for reproductive health.

Jerry confirmed that PLSC was doing driver's license checks for department members that use University vehicles.

Four defibrillators have been installed at the Bob Carpenter Center.

The University community was reminded of the Emergency Guide on pages 20-21 of the Campus Directory in an e-mail from OHS when the new directories became available this fall.

OHS is working to develop a disaster plan. This had been in the works before the events of 9/11/01 and is being patterned after University of California -Davis's plan.

Jerry confirmed that he received the new annual report form from OHS.

There have been policy changes on the University's 15-passenger vans. Nine people is the maximum that can travel in a van and drivers must complete a web-based training program before driving the van.

Communications have been made from OHS to the University community regarding opening mail in light of the national anthrax incidents.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 6, 2002 at 1:30 PM in 156 Townsend Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:03 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Maria Pautler

Addendum: The three Ag safety departments will share the responsibility of performing General Building Inspections for Worrilow and Townsend Halls. The College of Ag committee will perform the Winter and Summer inspections, Animal Science will handle the Spring inspection, and Plant and Soil Sciences will do the Fall inspection.