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Winter 2000 December 14, 2000



Attendees: Gerald Hendricks, Chair, Thomas Evans, Caroline Golt, Maria Pautler, and Lucille Short. Robin Elliott and Leslie York-Hubbard from OHS.

Absent: Stefan Hunger, Jeffry Fuhrmann (on sabbatical)

The meeting was called to order at 3:15 PM.

Robin Elliott introduced Leslie York-Hubbard, Chemical Hygiene Officer, who started on November 1.

Old Business

All laboratory signs have been received and will be placed as soon as the holders arrive.

Following the safety committee's recommendation to remove all furniture from the hallways of Worrilow Hall, the Department Chairs and Dean agreed. All of the furniture has been removed. As of this time, the walkways have been determined to be safe and will remain in place. Appropriate furniture chosen in concurrence with Bernie Alexander, Fire Protection Engineer, will be installed in safe locations at a future date.

It was asked if there is a possibility of having small individual personal lockers placed anywhere in the hallways and/or rooms. OHS will look into the feasibility of this suggestion.

Leslie will conduct lab inspections in WOR 210, 212, 214, 215, and 216. Others are to be self inspected. Caroline Golt will inspect the shared autoclave room (WOR 307). Tom Evans will do the Teaching Lab (WOR 205). Maria Pautler and Lucille Short will do the building inspection of Townsend Hall.

Audit Update: The Audit was reviewed and Gerald Hendricks, chair, submitted a written follow-up report.

Safety Training: A list of those using labs with their most recent training dates has been compiled and submitted to OHS.

New Business

Liquid Nitrogen: A central source for liquid nitrogen has been set up in Caroline Golt's lab. Persons using it should fill out the sign out sheet and will be billed accordingly.

Ergonomics training was provided for all secretarial staff following a chronic incident injury report by one of the secretaries. Suggestions were noted.

Workplace Chemical List: Progress has been made on compiling this list. Caroline Golt has completed one for her lab which has been posted and labeled accordingly.

OHS Announcements by Robin Elliott

MIS has said that the Lab Management Program should be on line by the end of the year. This program will track and organize by lab the authorized personnel, training with date, chemical inventory, facilities, etc. Access to the information can be restricted by lab, department, or UD personnel. Local administrators will update information.

Emergency Guide has been published in the blue pages (20 and 21) in the University Directory.

The University is completing a new round of water sample testing using EPA standards. Results should be available by the end of January. The Newark City Water Quality Engineer has indicated that they are putting an additive in the water to prevent corrosion.

In addition to Leslie, Tim Coffin has been hired part-time in Fire Safety.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, March 7 at 1:30 in 156 Townsend Hall.