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Summer 97 Minutes

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Fall 98 September 9, 1998

Attendees: Gerald Hendricks, Alan Shapiro, Caroline Golt, Stacy Dean and Robin Elliott.

Absent: Mark Radosevich

The meeting was called to order by Gerald Hendricks at 1:10.

Order of Discussion:

1. Jerry welcomed Alan and Stacy as new members and explained the committee's duties and responsibilities. Distinctions were made between departmental committees, the office of Occupational Health and Safety and University wide committees.

2. Robin explained a new requirement for Graduate Safety Orientation. All university graduate students are to undergo a general safety training. After this first year, only new graduate students will be trained. The training is being conducted on a departmental basis. Robin volunteered Kelly Morgan to hold a training session for PLSC.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry agreed to schedule a room and notify all PLSC graduate students.

3. Jerry reported the latest improper disposal incident. Containers of unlabeled brown solids were found by trash haulers who refused to empty the college dumpster. This was the fifth such incident this year from our college. Dean Nye will be calling a college wide meeting to discuss proper procedures.

4. Jerry reported on the latest round of lab self inspections. Several discrepancies were found between self inspections and those conducted by committee members, particularly in the areas of RTK training and chemical inventories. It was agreed that having a copy of the previous inspection on hand, would help rectify the situation. It was also agreed that we will continue the policy of committee inspections in the Spring and self inspections for the other three periods.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry agreed to distribute a copy of the Spring 98 and Summer 98 inspection reports attached to a memo asking for Fall self inspections.

5. Due to lack of time, Robin reported that her committee announcements could be found on OHS's web site at The announcements for September are:

  • Several more trash incidents have occurred on campus. Some have involved nonhazardous material that looked suspicious. Others have been violations of the waste disposal guidelines for proper disposal of containers. Please be sure all department personnel have been trained on proper procedures before working with chemicals. The Department of Occupational Health & Safety has designed labels that will be available to apply to containers indicating they are safe for disposal. They should be available in a month or so.
  • The Department of Occupational Health & Safety has added some new classes to the safety training schedule. Some refresher training will be provided that is intended for individuals that have received the material before and are coming for an update. We will be using an interactive format that should keep folks interested. Check the UpDate for the recent listing or the University of Delaware Web Page at Occupational Health & Safety Training Schedule.
  • Robin Elliott will be meeting with the Deans and Department Chairpersons this fall in an attempt to increase safety program awareness at all levels. This comes as a result of the recent trash incidents and the apparent lack of follow through on safety training in the labs. She will discuss the recently implemented requirement for new graduate student orientation and the safety committee responsibilities.
  • Entomology receives the Department of the Month for Cliff Keil's efforts to prepare Townsend Hall for the renovation project by coordinating two chemical waste clean-out days. He was also very helpful in responding to the recent trash incidents and demonstrating concern for the trash collectors.

Dates for future meeting were tentatively set for the first Wednesday of the month at 1:00, December 2, March 3 and June 2.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:10.