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Robin Elliott Annoucements

Fall 96 November 8, 1996

Present: Daryl Whittington, Mark Radosevich, Sherry Kitto, Jerry Hendricks, Carolyn Golt, and Robin Elliott

 Copies of University Safety Policy and minimum requirements of the committee were distributed. Attendees were told to keep this on file.

 Next discussion was lab inspections. Ways to increase response to self inspections. Sherry Kitto suggested that a memo be sent out to remind faculty quarterly. Will have time set aside at next faculty meeting to discuss lab inspections with faculty. Give them the revised guidelines for lab inspections and instruct them to perform their self inspection. There was a question raised as to what constitutes a lab. Jerry Hendricks said that any facility that houses chemicals that require a MSDS. Caroline Golt asked why lab windows can't be covered and was told that it is an issue of fire safety and to detect mishaps that result in an unconscious individual.

University policy manual now available on line on Udiscover.

Next topic of discussion was writing out of job hazard analyses. Very few labs have participated. Examples of job hazard analyses by Robin Elliott were handed out. Jerry Hendricks reminded group that these examples had been handed out previously, but there was discussion who actually received them. Some indicated that they had not seen them before. Jerry Hendricks said that faculty should have received them and be on file. The feasibility of having job hazard analyses standardized for certain tasks and duties and these be shared. Possibly borrow some from Animal & Food Science Department. The goal suggested by Sherry Kitto is to write a few each year.

All were reminded that students and new employees are to be trained in regard to Right-to-Know. Sherry Kitto raised question as to need for guideline so that all are trained appropriately. Possibly a standardized check off sheet to remind supervisors of important training issues. Darryl Whittington asked Sherry Kitto to share her current training guideline so that it be modified by the group.

 Next Department Safety Committee meeting scheduled for December 13th at 10:30-11:30 a.m. in 102 Fischer Greenhouse.